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Yuyao Jin

Wooyo is from Tianjin, a cozy city in Northern China. As a member of the Korean ethnic group in China, she grew up with a mixture of Chinese and Korean cultures. Her background is in Wood Science & Products from the University of British Columbia and Beijing Forestry University. Wooyo has a long-standing interest in social psychology and design applications, and worked in related fields for several years before applying to DSI to further her education.

She is currently very interested in the coexistence of our rapidly developing society and modern people, especially the vulnerable (women, minorities, the disabled, etc.), and finding ways to better coordinate the two. As a big fan of console games, she feels that the best games are produced out of humanistic care. There have been many innovative models such as “game + tourism”, “game + medicine”, and “game + education” constantly emerging. This has inspired her to believe that games can play an important role in influencing our way of living and interacting, and promote social innovation.

To Wooyo, “discovering one’s own arrogance towards the earth and others is the path to hope.”

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