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Veda Borgave

Veda Borgave comes to DSI from Pune, India. Veda is a curious soul who looks forward to using design thinking for societies, culture, and people. As a social and interaction designer, her experiences speak about the need for basic necessities, collaboration, freedom, and education as a medium of progress for youngsters. Apart from solving problems, creative thinking and discussions, one can find Veda with her sketchbook, doodles, and short story books. She loves talking, cooking and moving around to experience cultures. Veda wants to start by making a small impact on this huge world through games, products, and services, by contributing a little something every day to see the huge change one day.

Thesis Projects

Hundred on 100

“Hundred on 100” reimagines community support for young adults with Type 1 Diabetes in India. It is a set of tools curated by the community, for the community along with a framework to provide smoother transitions and changes to their lives.

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