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Rodrigo Muñoz-Valencia

Rodrigo Muñoz-Valencia grew up in Quito and received a BA in Communications Design from the Universidad San Francisco. He’s collaborated on TV documentaries as a producer, reporter, and graphic designer and has produced a range of books, posters, and other graphic design products. Last year, he worked with the American Embassy in Quito to develop arts and literature programs for women in prison and at-risk children. Rodrigo believes that design must change its essence as a consumption creation tool and came to DSI to transform his work into solutions to community problems.

Since graduating from DSI, Rodrigo has returned home to Quito. He is working in Education and Social Entrepreneurship, is the Director of BA Communication Design at USFQ, and Founder of Andes Materials; a textile company that produces sustainable wool supplies such as thread, yarn, and fabrics.

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