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Rinat Sherzer

Rinat Sherzer is a New York based biotech engineer, ethical designer, and multidisciplinary entrepreneur from Tel-Aviv with a passion for people, traveling, and absorbing different cultures. She graduated from Ben-Gurion University with a degree in Bio-Technology Engineering and has worked in digital advertising, developing award-winning new media platforms for a range of clients. Before attending DSI, she was co-founder and CMO of a startup that aims to transform the way people trade real estate.

After graduating from DSI, she co-founded Of Course Global, a social innovation consultancy and is currently a Professor at Parsons, School of Design NY. She is tackling some of the most complex social issues around equality, diversity and inclusion through education, business practices and art.

Rinat’s biggest passion is working towards a society with equal rights for all humans. She believes the path to equality lies in collaboration and conscious leadership and gave a TEDx Talk that demonstrates a radical framework to achieve that while de-shaming the female period. The talk was recently chosen by the global TED organization; following that she was invited to speak at the UN Women Summit in March 2020 about her work.

Her most recent work, ‘What Would The Egg Do?’ is a composition of an exhibition, book, documentary and curriculums that explore the wisdom of the female egg as a framework for social change.

Rinat also mentors women from all over the world, helping them reclaim their power.

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