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Nishita Chheda

Nishita Chheda is a visual designer from Mumbai, India, with a love for storytelling and gardening. She is interested in exploring the role of design in creating a common sustainable future, both socially and ecologically. As a research assistant at Sahjeevan, an NGO, she closely worked with nomadic pastoral communities of Kutch. Their life and this experience inspired her to come to DSI. At DSI, she is excited to be surrounded by a like minded community and hopes to eventually contribute in safeguarding traditional knowledge systems and the communities that have been carrying them. She also hopes to adopt a dog and live in a mud house surrounded by a lush green forest one day.

Thesis Projects

Side by Side

“Side By Side” is a system of tools and resources that supports the healing process for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones. The goal of the project is to reimagine long-term support for people who have experienced sexual violence by strengthening interpersonal support.

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