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Laura Cerón Melo

Laura is a queer designer from Colombia. Her professional practice sits at the intersection of design, art, and activism.

Laura feels passionate about social justice, honest and vulnerable relationships, collaboration, and spiritual growth. She believes art is a life-giving act and expression. She is interested in the power of design to communicate social imperatives, challenge the status quo, and foster individual and collective healing.

In her life and professional practices, Laura strives to use her ever-growing skills, knowledge, and awareness of her power and privilege to create understanding; build capacity and resilience in communities; act and design responsibly and sustainably.

Laura is committed to the common good, she aims to minimize harm, alleviate suffering, and make life easier and happier.

Thesis Projects

Art Portal

“Art Portal is an art-centered online platform by and for people with justice involvement that seeks to (a) elevate their voices and artwork, (b) raise awareness about the important role of art and community in the reentry and criminal legal fields, and (c) help change the narrative about people with justice involvement. In the process of building Art Portal itself, participants develop capabilities that can support them in building stable lives in the long term and thrive.”

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