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Jiayi (Jacqueline) Bao

Jiayi Bao was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Her background is in English Literature and Digital Media Design. After surviving in harsh debates of attending Modal United Nations several times in school, she found her strong interests in equal rights and environmental protection, not only in words, but also in design. Jiayi believes that design isn’t about expressing one’s personal style or emotions, but about understanding how people feel, and that social designers are more like behind-the-scenes workers who introduce creativity and innovation to people’s lives. Jiayi came to DSI to explore a new world with curiosity and to learn how to be the change she wants to see.

Thesis Projects

__Around: Connecting with Urban Wildlife

“___ Around” is a project that calls for heightened awareness of urban wildlife in NYC, aiming to create a relationship and foster healthy coexistence between wildlife and humans.

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