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Jiaxi (Jessica) Fu

Jiaxi (Jessica) Fu is a special designer, journalist, and user researcher who was resident in Chengdu, China. Graduating from the University of Sydney with a bachelor’s degree in design in architecture, she practiced as an architect assistant at Jiakun Architect studio and at the same time was a freelance journalist who write articles for the local dancing community.

As a dancer and an urban nomad herself, this experience made her understand how the dancing community builds a sense of belonging for newcomers in a constantly changing big city, and later drive her interest in building connections (cure longness) for the urban nomad. Her passion for investigating and interviewing made her try the internship as a user researcher at a Children’s reading tech company. She believes that design should start with the people in mind. If the design can be co-created by both designers and users with engaged communication and understanding, then it can be liberated from the ego of designers, and truly make a difference.

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