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Jenny Lau

Jenny Lau is a graphic designer and illustrator from Hong Kong who graduated from New York City’s Parsons School of Design. While pursuing her BFA in illustration, she interned as the sole designer at a local nonprofit, One Girl, where she honed her skills in brand communication and was exposed to an array of inspiring women working to empower members to become social change agents. After graduating with honours, she worked briefly as a digital designer for HBO’s in-house design and production team before transitioning to freelance projects within Hong Kong’s nonprofit industry.

As a designer yearning to address complex human issues, Jenny strongly believes that designers are society’s communicators and have the power to amplify voices of marginalised communities. Currently residing in the NYC area, she comes to DSI eager to expand her understanding of equitable design and strategic thinking. With an interest in issues related to identity, social justice, and mental health, she hopes that alongside passionate faculty and peers, she can move closer to reshaping the role of design in society.

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