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Grace Hsieh

Grace Hsieh is an artist, visual designer and social event coordinator. She received a BA in Painting and Calligraphy Arts with a minor in Graphic Communication Arts from the National Taiwan University of Arts. While at NTUA, she worked with the Department of Graphic Communication Arts on a project for the Taiwanese government and later spent time teaching painting and design to aboriginal kids. After graduating, she worked on public sector projects with CSR-Taiwan Summit Brand Marketing and served as a supervisor for projects like the Chiayi City International Band Festival. Grace came to DSI to build on these work experiences and learn strategies to empower communities and address inequality.

Since earning her MFA from DSI, Grace has had the honor of working with two excellent innovation teams. One was with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC as an Interaction Designer, where she contributed to research and design for a digital patient care product for future patient experience. Another is with her current team in CARE in Atlanta, GA, an international humanitarian NGO that works across 95 countries around the world to reach hundreds of millions of people through development and humanitarian aid projects. Grace joined CARE two years ago as a Designer and Engagement strategist to build up the Research and Design team structure with teammates. She designed and facilitated various types of workshops that integrated creativity, design thinking methods and tools, and operation process to guide technical experts, advisors, and leaders to uncover insights to advance the program and services, envision the future program strategy, or to transfer the culture and mindset to establish innovative environment and practices in the country offices. With her strong Visual Design skills, she also supported teams to quickly build up prototypes, communication collaterals and provide advice to help others achieve better outcomes for their works. She was recently promoted to Discovery Lead to design a systematic approach to uplift challenges, generate ideas for new operating models and secure the resources needed for experimentation.

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