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Carl Landegger

Brasilian born, but pure, old school New Yorker, Carl Landegger had an upbringing that gave him important access to community art-making practices. In 1989, he first experienced street art, which quickly became the vehicle for his creative expression, changing him forever. These days Carl utilizes information design in the mural-making process to teach art to youth in workshops that promote confidence, openness, and team building. He’s worked as a designer for almost a decade and specializes in branding, type, and web design within the non-profit, fashion, photography and start-up sectors. He came to DSI to develop his skills in community engagement, game design, and visual communication and has been practicing at an internship with Games for Change, a company that develops and advocates for digital social impact games.

Since graduating from DSI, Carl is currently working as a public school teacher at the High School of Art and Design on the ground level creating social change through art education. You can check out the student driven advertising agency for social good @andcreates on IG that he co-created with his dynamic, young professionals.

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