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Qingyi (Bridget) Qian

Bridget Qian is originally from Beijing, China, but comes to DSI from Chicago. She has been studying in the U.S. since she was 14. Whenever Bridget has returned home since moving to the U.S., she has witnessed different environmental problems and experienced the damage and frustration that comes with them. Seeing her home wounded and destroyed by human action makes Bridget worry that our next generation might not have the chance to see what they could have seen. Environmental protection is urgently necessary, and Bridget wants to use design as a tool to help protect her home.

Thesis Projects

Rooted Restaurants

“Rooted Restaurants” is reimagining restaurant resilience. The project focuses on local solutions and tools to co-create community restaurant resilience. The goal is to increase communications between restaurants on Avenue B in the East Village and their respective communities.

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