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Nil Tuzcu

Nil Tuzcu is an award-winning creative technologist and multimedia designer working at the intersection of information design, data-driven storytelling, and digital humanities. In her multidisciplinary practice, she translates data into engaging visual narratives to make complex political, economic, and geographical data accessible to the public. 

Her projects were nominated for the Information is Beautiful Awards three times and won a best data visualization award by the Digital Humanities Awards. She is the creator of Istanbul Urban Database, a comprehensive multimedia archive of Istanbul, which has been recognized by leading institutional organizations and media outlets. She has spoken at numerous events and institutions, including European Union, Harvard University, Duke University, Northeastern University, and !F International Film Festival.

Originally trained as an architect at Cornell University, she attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she was trained in information technologies and urban policy. She currently leads the information design at Harvard University’s Growth Lab digital projects.

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