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Enroll for FLOX Studio & DSI’s Community Design for Leaders Summer Course

We are so excited to be co-hosting our Community Design for Leaders (CDL) summer course for a second consecutive year! CDL is a collaborative learning space intended for designers & creative professionals at various stages of their practice. Developed by FLOX Studio and DSI Faculty member Sloan Leo, CDL aims to keep the community at the forefront.

This year, Community Design for Leaders will occur over two weeks from June 7-18, 2022. It will offer participants a framework and values-rooted methodologies for community-engaged design practices, an environment to develop a deeper nuanced analysis of power and position within the field of design, and relationships with a community of designers invested in disrupting the status quo.

Participants will leave with a deep understanding of the role of design in mission-driven work and their leadership practice, the resources to shift to a framework of power, belonging, inclusion, and new relationships as well as a virtual community of support, scholarship, and practice.

As it did last year, DSI is promising a share of the profits to go toward expanding our ever-evolving Equity in Design Scholarship, which seeks to financially support an incoming student from an underrepresented community in design.

The masterclass is appropriate for people at every phase of career development and experience. So we encourage you to take a leap into the realm of community design with us this summer and have the chance to collaborate with practitioners near and far!

Priority applications will be accepted through April 15th and will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis as space allows. For more information and application materials, visit the Community Design for Leaders page on the SVA website, and feel free to reach out to us at

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