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Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Park Conservancy

Partnering with the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy (JBRPC) to understand how to better communicate the mission of the organization with the people who enjoy the NYC beachfront. Students did observational research with the community to understand the importance of NYC waterways.

More images from the JBRPC collaboration

Pallavi Rawla

Pallavi is a designer and illustrator who grew up in New Delhi and then moved to be very cold in Boston and then (very) slightly south again to New York. She graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and then worked at a design studio in Boston where they make nicely designed things for good people. At DSI she hopes to soak up as much learning as possible, and then work towards turning hopeful ideas into intentional actions. She subsists on coffee with a heavy splash of milk, good dog energy, and beautiful typography.

Wanqiu (Nancy) Wang

Nancy is joining DSI from her home in China. She has a background in digital media art and is excited to join students from different cultures and experiences to research social issues and learn to create more harmonious and comfortable lifestyles for people.

Yikun Wang

Yikun is an interactive designer from Shanghai, China. He recently worked as an interaction design intern for Frog Design, a multinational design and innovation consulting firm that builds new businesses and great user experiences to turn bold ideas into reality. Previously, he attended the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, where he graduated with a bachelor degree in game design, specializing in original game painting and game interaction design. He believes that exploring the inner nature of things, understanding how different things work, and the motivations behind different decisions can leave tangible and intangible wealth for people, societies, and environments.


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