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You Are Here

You Are Here is a roadmap for staff members in youth development organizations who are interested in more meaningful civic learning — in moving away from lessons about “civic duty” and “your vote matters”— towards helping students understand how they are connected to their community — and by extension local government. Staff members are provided with a set of principles and tools to facilitate student-centered discussions where students reflect on their own values, identify issues they care about, and think critically about their role in their communities.

Manolo Ampudia

Manolo Ampudia was born and raised in Mexico DF and studied Industrial Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana. He’s the co-founder of SUHAB, a sustainable design studio based in Mexico City. SUHAB aims to ease transitions to more sustainable habits and works with communities of artisans in Mexico and Nicaragua to create a range of products that build local economies. Manolo came to DSI to further develop concrete and accessible solutions to complex social problems.

Emily Herrick

Emily Herrick grew up on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Illinois State University with double degrees in Graphic Design and Arts Technology, which she paired with a minor in Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility. She started her New York career as an interior book designer at Penguin Random House. Before Random House, Emily worked in visual identity for a number of socially-minded institutions in Chicago, including the design firm Moira & Company, which works with nonprofits. She’s currently a Communications Designer at the social impact firm, Reboot, where she produces visual materials for clients in the international development sector. In her spare time, Emily volunteers on hunger issues throughout New York.

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