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The V Store

The V Store is a welcoming and comprehensive space where women and men can learn more about sexual and reproductive health through curated products, services, and experiences. Staffed with medical professionals and sex educators, it provides a sex-positive, holistic, and judgement free approach to health. It takes power out of providers, and puts it into the hands of the consumers.

Maia Kaufman

Maia Kaufman is a native New Yorker and second daughter to an amazing single Jewish mother. She graduated from Emerson College with a BA in Media Studies. She’s looking to apply her skills in the entertainment world to create companies that contribute to society. She’s also passionate about women’s rights and has spent the last few years researching reproductive rights issues and new fertility technologies.

Since graduating from DSI, Maia has been residing in Hudson Valley and working as Manager of Audience and Member Services for the Fisher Center at Bard, applying the skills taught at DSI to create well designed experiences for all of their guests. The principles learned in grad school such as data visualization, systems thinking, and leadership styles have all helped her excel at creating meaningful change in an organization.

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