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Food is always the last part of culture that immigrants retain. For second-generation Chinese Americans who ate Chinese dishes growing up, Chinese food is their comfort food. However, more than half of them have no confidence in cooking it. My project uses storytelling to share the origins of their favorite dish and encourage them to cook it, further influencing a their connection with their cultural identity.

Yinman Guo

Yinman Guo grew up in both urban and rural China, watching the spaces around her change rapidly in the push for modernization. In the face of this push, many regions face a dilemma: keeping developing or slow down to preserve local cultures? This question has bothered Yinman for a long time. During her time studying industrial and interaction design at Hunan University, she participated in the New Channel project, a multi-disciplinary initiative that used participatory design approaches to preserve rural social capital and boost the regional economy. Yinman came to DSI to deepen her social innovation practice and to collaborate with the bright minds assembled here.

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