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Backyard Lots

Backyard Lots showcases the benefits and potential of vacant properties. The idea behind Backyard Lots is to take what some people may see as a liability and turn it into an asset for the community. Backyard Lots provides secure and convenient locations for youth to organize and participate in sports. The program provides residents with the necessary recreational outlets they don’t currently have, and attracts new residents and retains current residents in order to fill vacancies and create a thriving community once again.

Kara Isabella

Kara Isabella is a graphic designer from Cleveland, Ohio. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design and a BA in the History of Art and Architecture. Before joining DSI, she worked on the content marketing team at American Greetings, where she uncovered a passion for social media. As a Design Researcher, Graphic Designer, and User Experience Designer with a focus on product development and strategy, she uses systems thinking and human-centered design to develop solutions that solve real needs. She uses ethnographic research, from interviewing to facilitation, to uncover insights and implements this into beneficial and meaningful solutions.

In her current role, Kara developed a global Digital Workplace for 19,000+ UNICEF employees to enhance output, streamline document management and foster internal partnerships. Before UNICEF, Kara created design solutions for the private (Accenture, Conde Nast, Ann Taylor, American Greetings) and public sector (City of New York). Kara is the Founder of Pattern and Pattern, a sustainable home goods company. She’s based in New York City.

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