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Ask Me About My Hijab

The hijab is being misrepresented to the American mainstream, causing negative social attitudes and perceptions towards the women who choose to wear it. Ask Me About My Hijab is a tool that invites open conversations between women wearing hijabs and non-Muslims, giving them a chance to share their perspectives and reclaim the image of hijab today.

Sultana Abbar

Sultana Abbar is a designer and brand strategist from Saudi Arabia. She received her BA in Media Arts & Sciences at Wellesley College in Boston, MA, and has since worked in the advertising, branding, and public relations fields in the Middle East. She takes a great interest in the analytics of human behavior, and strives for positive change. Sultana also enjoys training horses, and is an accomplished competing equestrian.

Barbara Fang

Barbara (Feiyuan) Fang grew up in Shanghai and studied graphic design at Tongji University in Yongqi. She found traditional design too narrow and sought out a mentor, who introduced to Design Harvests, a project that proposed a new sustainable development model for Shanghai. Barbara was encouraged and afterwards volunteered for the 2012 Cumulus -DIH for LED Design International Competition and attended international design conferences to learn about work in social innovation design. She believes that communities are no longer waiting for new technologies, government regulations, or market shifts – that people are initiating their own ways of meeting everyday needs. As a designer, she draws inspiration from these practical solutions and makes work to complement and support them. After graduating from DSI, Barbara plans to take what she’s learned back to Shanghai and its design communities.

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