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Katja Frederiksen

Katja Frederiksen is from Denmark, Copenhagen. Her fascination with visual storytelling started in childhood, where she doodled, painted in schoolbooks, and watched a lot of movies on cable TV. She got a BA in Production Design for Film and TV and came to DSI because she wants to use design to contribute to other people’s well-being, self respect, and growth.

Since graduating from DSI she has returned to Denmark, where she has begun growing her own fruits and vegetables at her home in Aalborg. She began working at the Museum for Paperart, where she assists guests in the paperatelier. In addition to this work, she assists with fundraising at a nursing home to supply massage chairs and music for the elderly. She is also engaged in volunteer projects at the Social Economic Studio Råt&Godt, which helps young people in need of educational and career opportunities.

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