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Spring 2022
Lecture Date: February 16, 2022

About The Lecture

Michelle Fehler is a certified Biomimicry Professional through Biomimicry 3.8. She is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at The Design School at Arizona State University, where she teaches various multi-disciplinary design studios, lectures, and seminars to undergraduate and graduate students. She also teaches a practicum class as part of the world’s first Master’s Biomimicry Program at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on defining a life-centered design thinking methodology that allows the infusion of biomimicry thinking into the traditional human-centered design and systems thinking process. She is developing various tools and processes that make the biomimetic approach more accessible to designers.

Student Questions

What are the ways that big cities can emulate nature's design?

Where do you find connections between biomimicry and communication design?

What opportunities do you see as a professor to have urgent and innovative conversations with folks who may not be interested in nature to begin with. Is it about the act of storytelling?

What is the relationship between biomimicry and any connections to mental health?

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